Kern County College of Law is an independent, non-profit educational institution that receives no support from taxes or other public funds. The primary source of revenue comes directly from student tuition.

Annual tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. For those students in need of additional flexibility in paying their tuition and fees, KCCL provides a tuition installment program (“TIP”). Under the TIP program, students are allowed to pay the annual amount due in monthly installments. A TIP enrollment form will be available during registration.

Tuition and Fees
See the Schedule of Fees for current tuition and fees. Kern County College of Law has a policy of protecting students from tuition increases during their course of study. As long as a student remains continuously enrolled in good academic standing at Kern County College of Law, their tuition rate per semester will not increase. This unique policy by the KCCL Board of Trustees allows KCCL law students to estimate the entire cost of their law degree (excluding books and materials) at the time of their initial enrollment.

Student Loan
As a state-accredited law school, Kern County College of  Law is not a Federal Title IV educational institution. This means that KCCL students do not qualify for federally insured educational loans. However, Sallie Mae Student Loans are available to students based on their personal credit or that of a co-signer.

When students obtain a loan from a third party, students pay a non-refundable deferred tuition fee to Kern County College of Law for this certification. When a loan check is received, KCCL will promptly notify the applicant and draw a check payable to the applicant. At that time all current tuition owed must be paid.

Tuition Refunds
To be eligible for a refund, a student must notify the Dean and the Registrar of his/her intention to withdraw from the law school. The amount of refund is calculated by a formula under which the amount of the refund decreases as the semester progresses.

Tuition Refund Policy

To be eligible for a tuition refund, a student must notify the Dean and the Registrar in writing of his or her intention to withdraw from studies.  The amount of refund is determined as of the date of receipt of written notice of withdrawal and is calculated as follows:

Withdrawal before the start of instruction:                                             100% Tuition Refund
Withdrawal during the first 60% of instruction: *                                  Pro Rata Tuition


Total hours of instruction offered – Total hours elapsed   X   Total Tuition Cost
Total hours of instruction offered

Withdrawal after completion of 60%* of instruction:                            No refund

* 60% of instruction is completed in the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and in the 6th week of classes during the summer semester.

Please note that fees are not refundable.

Students attending the College under the Veteran’s Administration Bill are governed by a special refund policy.